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Yep, sometimes people like my comic enough to do me fan art! If you would like to do something for this page please feel free to go ahead and send me your work!

Yoko San has given me this very cool gift art of the Blotto girls!! Don't they all look lovely?

Coyotegirl strikes again! Fanart for Blotto Street of its creator in cat form!

Lord Emsworth, a regular on the forum, did this sketch of Myra as a raccoon back in December, before I explored the animal side of Blotto. It's so cute! And it captures her niceness, too.

The voluptuously seductive Aeire of the voluptuously seductive Queen of Wands produced this gorgeous (did I mention voluptuously seductive?) art showing the meeting between Letty and Kestrel from her comic! !!

Damonk of the fantastic, Golden-Blot-winning webcomic Framed!! is a very odd man indeed - here is his vision of a... gasp!!!... SEXY Myra! I like it nonetheless!

Title card design for the cinema version of Blotto Street by Nakaithus!!

Someone actually thinks Ollie worthy of drawing! Rudi Gunther of the very funny sci-fi comic Deathworld did this extremely nice picture of Ollie, Letty and Tess, with Bea. I do like this. A lot! You really should take a look at Deathworld afterwards.

Todd Michaels of Boarders and Sister did me this disturbingly hilarious depiction of Letty discovering the extraordinariness that is Myra's computer! Don't miss this! Take a look now!!!

Oh wow, oh wow, OH WOW!! Sandra Delete of Boy Meets Boy sent me this FANTASTIC picture of Letty, Bea, Tess, and Myra! It ROCKS in the extreme! Now go and read her comic!

Coyotegirl did me this GORGEOUS image of Letty as a fox after I mentioned that when I first started drawing Blotto Street, they were all animals. Now run along and check out more of her beautiful work at her art page!!

Minimalist - but somewhat amusing - Blotto art from A Man In Black. See Les, Bea, Herman and Tess done a la stick figure style! AMIB is the partner-in-crime of Aeire of Queen of Wands, the HOTTEST upcomimg comic on the Space! (don't worry, Aeire's doing the art!)


Les was spotted in Selena Ulrich's C.Ulture Shocked!

The artist was spotted lurking behind a dodgy moustache in the Four Toon Teller comic! Because he's an EEEEVIL character in their story!

The artist appears also in Meaghan Quinn's Eat The Roses!
Second appearance!

The artist also has a guest spot in Smilodon's Brainfries! And even appears in person here, here, and here! I am informed that further appearances are on the cards, too!


From Get With The Program. Read their review here!
Well, I've never been insulted by a drunken penguin before...

Sebastian from Jamie Robertson's Clan of the Cats chose Blotto Street as his Link For March!! Thank-you so much Sebo and Jamie!!

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